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It is our privilege to develop minds, enrich lives, and create a brighter future for youth in the communities where we operate.

Investing in Our Youth, for a Brighter Future

Welcome to enCore Energy’s Education Society, where we provide youth with the educational tools to follow their dream careers in various sectors. As part of enCore’s commitment to community engagement, we’ve established this society for youth to get the edge from education that goes beyond the classroom. It is our privilege to develop minds, enrich lives, and create a brighter future for youth.

Education is a cornerstone in a thriving community. Our mission is to contribute to the communities where we operate by establishing innovative and creative educational programs that help students excel and get the edge from education. We aim to fuel the future by creating opportunities from kindergarten to college, focusing on sustainable and transferable skills that benefit not just the extraction industry but the economy as a whole.

Many of our projects are located in rural communities where job opportunities are often scarce. Historically, these communities have been overlooked, even when there is a high demand for jobs. We are committed to changing this narrative by providing educational tools and job opportunities, encouraging students to build strong career paths in various sectors.

Creating A Brighter Future For Youth

Holistic Learning

Create an environment where students can explore various topics within the extraction industry and apply these skills to other sectors.

Expert Guidance

Enable youth to learn from respected industry experts who can provide insights and answer questions.

Inclusive Education

Offer a variety of educational means to cater to different learning styles, from traditional classroom settings to hands-on experiences like site tours and workshops.

Unlocking Potential

Help youth discover new passions and potential career paths.

Community Engagement

Establish long-term relationships with community members, respecting diverse knowledge, cultures, and traditions.

Collaborative Initiatives

Work with community leaders to design mutually beneficial programs that cater to the needs of various generations.

Flexible Programming

Adapt our programs to the unique needs of communities and individual students, helping everyone play to their unique strengths.